About Us

Merci Lanka Foundation is an international Non Profit / NGO founded in 2005, registered in Sri lanka and the UK under the Charity No.XT 32369. Our organization is a micro enterprise relief credit initiative and the pioneer interest free loan scheme in Sri Lanka, which started with a mission to connect people through micro lending that is free of interest in order to alleviate poverty. We reach out and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Our Vision

Creating a stepping stone a prosperity, harmony and fraternity through facilitating entrepreneurial initiative of the less cared for.

Our Mission

Awakening the industrious spirit of the down-trodden by removing the financial to produce, invent and become self-reliant.

Chairman's Message

Merci Lanka Foundation has emerged over the years as very useful and vibrant organization by Grace of Almighty Allah due to the magnanimous support of our well-wishers and benefactors.

To date around 1000 deserving poor entrepreneurs have been assisted to either set up or expand livelihood projects.

Further we have also expanded our activities by offering loans and grant to the poor for expenses and general purposes, such as medical, house repairs, marriages etc.

Nearly 70% of our community is living below the poverty level and need to be supported and comforted.

We have also helped the needy from other community whenever our help was sought.

We are doing our utmost. However, the task is stupendous and demanding.

We are unable to cope with the meager resources at our disposal. Therefore, we kindly appeal to our fortunate brothers and sisters to extend your unstinted and generous assistance to carry out this noble task successfully and for many more years, Insha Allah.

Jazakallah Khairan to our well-wishers, donors, supporters and my fellow members of the Board of Directors, the London Team Members, Overseas Representative and our dedicated and hardworking staff.

May Almighty Allah Bless all of you.

Arooze Liyawadeen.

Our Team

Management Team
M.S.M. Liyawadeen Chairman(Fmr.DGM Bank of Ceylon)
A.B.M. Shafeek Hon.Treasurer(Ex Company Director)
S.H.B. Nizar General Secretary(Businessman)
Isfahani Anver Lawyer
Azad Zaheed Director/ ex Bank Manager
Shazly Hasseen Snr. Bank Manager
Wazeer A.Marikar Ex Company Director
Rizah Ismail Snr. Banker
Y.L.M Zavahir ex Ambassador
M.D.M. Vazeer Businessman
Nauzan Zaheed Company Director
Directors (London Team)
Hillar Deen Ossman Company Managing Director
Ilham Ismail Fmr. Secretary SLIA (UK)
Zuleikha Cassim Chartered Accountant
Ayesha Ibrahim Chartered Accountant