Chairman's Message

Assalaamu Alaikkum Wa Rahmath Allah Wa Barakath

Nahmadhoo Nussali Ala Rasool Hil Kareem

Bismillah hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Nearly 70 percent of our community is living below the poverty level and need to be supported and comforted.

I am happy to inform all well wishers and supporters that as indicated in the brochure the expansion and diversification of our activities.

AlhamduIillah Merci Lanka Foundation has emerged over the years as a very useful and vibrant organisation by the Grace of Almighty Allah and due to the magnanimous support of our well wishers an benefactors.

To date over 800 deserving poor entrepreneurs have been assisted to either set up or expand livelihood projects. The success rate is around 75 percent. The loan recovery percentage is approximately 85 percent.

We are unable to cope with the meager resources at our disposal. We are doing our utmost. However the task is stupendous and demanding.

Therefore we kindly appeal to our fortunate brothers and sisters to extend your unstinted and generous assistance to carry out this noble task successfully and for many more years Insha Allah.

Jazakallah Khairan to our well wishers, donors, supporters and my fellow members of the Board of Directors, the London Team Members, overseas representatives and our dedicated and hard working staff.

May Almighty Allah bless them All


Arooze Liyawdeen