This tube well project is located in the village Aliyawetunuwewa. The rivers near the village are dry and most people in the village are now struggling, especially since their main source of income was through their paddy fields, which were destroyed by the drought. Most in the village have turned to other sources of income, with some becoming cattle farmers and some moving to manufacturing. This tube well will drill 100ft into the ground and provide fresh water to the surrounding 20 families, 

Video of the request for a tube well that aided our assessment of their need for the tube well


Merci Lanka has put in place 12 tube wells so far with God's Grace. We visited a school in the area which was struggling due to a local draught. They have had to rely on bottled water which is costly. Therefore, they came to Merci Lanka hoping to get a tube well to relieve them. So we met with the principal and parents of the students to discuss the matter. With God's Grace we will be able to implement a tube well for the school.